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Holistic Usage Historical:
Buy In traditional chinese medicine, ground amethyst is prescribed for stomach pains and bad dreams. Amethyst can aid to improve memory and concentration. It can help against insomnia and liver functions.

Common Gem Remedies:
Amethyst treats acne and arthritis, headaches, blood sugar imbalance, brain imbalances,edginess, addictions, asthma, blood cleansing, blood clots.
AMETHYST gently cleanses the aura, heals holes, and protects it, drawing in divine energy. Amethysts were thought to induce a sober mind. The name is derived from the Greek ‘amethystos’ which means ‘against drunkenness’. Amethyst aid for meditation, spiritual opening, and internal surrender. It facilitate healing and inner peace. Amethyst is used to increase spirituality. Amethyst quietens the thoughts, relieves mental tension, and promote relaxation when placed on forehead.

Traditional Meanings:
A life change and shift in consciousness. Faithfulness in love, freedom from jealousy.

Dream Meaning:
Peace of mind through unexpected good news.

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