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Holistic Usage Historical:
A legend from ancient Tibet says that aventurine gemstone was used to improve near- sightedness and to increase the wearer’s creativity.

Common Gem Remedies:

Aventurine is known to aid skin problems. Stimulate thymus and balances blood pressure.

Aventurine enhances creativity, brings prosperity. Absorbs electro magnetic stress. Diffuses negativity, balances male-female energy. Aids seeing alternatives, possibilities. Promotes growth from birth to seven years. Benefits thymus gland and nervous system. Balances blood pressure. Elixir aids skin problems. Blue aventurine is a mental healer. Green aventurine gemstone works on heart chakra to activate, clean, and protect. It shields from loss of heart energy. Useful healer for body, attracts mature love.
Aventurine can be used as a grid against energy leaching. It can also be used for personal protection to create a psychic shield. Green aventurine is known to be very good for the heart, opening it to make it more apt to give and receive love. It alleviates fear.

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