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Holistic Usage Historical:

Carnelian gemstone is used for clear thinking. It is said to help balance creativity and mental processing. In the 1800’s, Carnelian was said to help those who needed courage to speak. Mohammed, Napoleon I and Napoleon III wore carnelian.

Common Gem Remedies:
Re-energizes, rheumatism, pain relief, nose bleed, lower back problems, infertility, gall bladder, candida albicans, blood poisoning, arthritis, oxygenize blood.

Grounds and anchors into present surroundings. Removes fear for death. Brings acceptance of cycle of life. Improves analytic abilities, clarifies perception, motivates success in business. Aids positive life choices. Dispels apathy. Clears extraneous thoughts in meditation. Heals etheric body. Protects against rage and resentment. Capacity to cleanse other crystals. Influences female reproductive organs, increases fertility. Heals lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis, depression. Good for dramatic pursuits.

Traditional Meanings:
Carnelian is especially useful to draw plenitude toward you. It is a crystal for abundance.

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