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Holistic Usage Historical:
In medieval times, aquamarine was thought to reawaken the love of married couples. It was also believed to render soldiers invincible. It is also known as the sailor’s gem, ensuring safe passage across stormy seas.
Common Gem Remedies:
Aquamarine aids in the case of skin problem, sore throat, tooth ache, mumps, liver function, swollen glands. It improves eyesight and cleanse blood.
Aquamarine reduces stress, quietens mind, sharpens intellect, clears blocked communication chakra. Filters information reaching brain, aids interpretation of emotional state. Reduces fear, increases sensitivity, creativity; enhances intuition, spiritual awareness. Shields aura, aligns chakras. Brings tolerance and responsibility. Treats swollen glands, sore throat; strengthens organs, liver, spleen, kidneys; aids teeth jaw, eyes, throat, stomach.
Traditional Meanings:
Aquamarine filters unnecessary information and helps concentrate on the essence of the problems. It helps to alleviate phobias and fears.
Dream Meaning:
If you see an aquamarine in your dream it means that you will have a happy love life.