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Most citrine gemstone on the market is heat treated amethyst.

Holistic Usage Historical:
Citrine gemstone was said to help one connect with spirits.

Solar plexus, sacral and crown.
Common Gem Remedies:
Citrine balances thyroid. Used as an elixir it helps in the treatment of headache, gall bladder, diabetes, anemia.

Citrine is the symbol of prosperity. It attracts wealth, success. It brings happiness, generosity. It energizes, invigorates, increases motivation in physical energy, and activates creativity. It dissipates negative energy, promotes inner calm. Alleviates depression and fears. Cleanses aura, aligns etheric body with physical. It clears mental confusion, improves concentration and decision making processes. Citrine is known to resolve money worries. It is a good crystal for abundance and vitality.

Traditional Meanings:
Picked randomly from a bag of crystals, the citrine means that celestial wisdom is advising you.