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Common Gem Remedies:

Benefits teeth, cells, and bones; repairs DNA damage. Powerful antiviral effects (elixir). Benefits arthritis, rheumatism, pneumonia.

Protective, especially on psychic level and against computer and electromagnetic stress. Aids physical and mental coordination, counteracts mental disorder, increases concentration. Grounds, integrates spiritual energies. Promotes unbiased impartiality, heightens intuitive powers. Rekindles sexual libido. Clear fluorite stimulates crown chakra, energizes aura, harmonizes intellect and spirit. Blue fluorite enhances orderly thought, clear communication, calms energy, treats eye problems. Green fluorite grounds excess energy, dissipates emotional trauma, clears infections. Aids stomach disorders, intestines. Violet and purple fluoritestimulates third eye, imparts common sense to psychic communication. Assists bones and bone marrow disorders. Yellow fluorite enhances creativity, stabilizes group energy, releases toxins.