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Holistic Usage Historical:
Turquoise gemstone has always been considered lucky, capable of safe guarding and bringing happiness. According to a 15th century legend, the stone loses its color when its owner is unwell or in danger abd regains its brilliance when the illness or danger has passed.

Common Gem Remedies:
Turuoise gemstone can help sedate the thyroid. It can also help in the treatment of measles and lungs pollution.

Turquoise Properties:
Turquoise gemstone heals, protects, elevates effect, promotes spiritual attunement. Purifies, dispels negative energy. Unites earth and sky, male-female; provides healing for spirit. Empathetic balancer. Promoter of self realization, creative problem solving. Strengthens meridians of body, subtle energy fields. Enhances physical, psychic immune systems. Alleviates pollution. Heals whole body especially eyes.

Holistic Usage Historical:
The anciant Greeks believed that it had the power to increase strength and make its wearer invisible in times of emergency. Worn around the neck topaz was thought to cure madness.

Common Gem Remedies:
Topaz gemstone helps in the cure of mumps, gout, insomnia, cough, chickenpox, catarrh, blood disorders, tissue regeneration, tuberculosis.

Topaz Properties:
Topaz gemstone directs energy. Soothes, heals, stimulates, recharges, remotivates. Promotes truth, forgiveness. Sheds light on path, taps into inner resources. Brings joy, generosity, good health. Cleans aura. golden topaz recharges and strenghtens faith and optimism. Attracts helpful people. blue topaz aids throat chakra and verbalization. It is a suitable eye elixir and alleviates eating disorder such as lost of appetite.

Traditional Meanings:
Topaz is known as a crystal for abundance, for vitality, and as a stress reliever. When it is picked out at random among other stone, it might means to exercise caution.