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Holistic Usage Historical:
Pearls have long been used medicinally. They were thought to cure everything from fevers to stomach ulcers.

Pearl gemstone is formed in shellfish as a result of an irritant such as a piece of sand. Cultured pearls are created by adding a piece of mussel or shell inside of an oyster or mussel. This then create a pearl as layers of the inside of the shell grow over the foreign object that is present in the shell. Pearls are generally white, brown, silver, cream, black, or pink, depending on the type of shellfish and water. The term Natural pearl refers to a pearl that has formed as an accident of nature and not by human intervention. Such pearls are rare and valuable. The multicolored pearls are produced by Tahitian Black Lip oysters. These oysters secrete a dark pigment directly into the pearly strata.



Holistic Usage Historical:
In the ancient times Opal gemstone was accepted as a symbol of faithfulness and confidence. Opal was also treasured in the Middle Ages due to a widespread belief that it was beneficial to eyesight.


Common Gem Remedies:
Opal treats Parkinson’s disease, infections, fevers, strengthens memory, purifies blood and kidneys, regulates insulin, eases childbirth.

Enhances cosmic consciousness, originality, dynamic creativity. Fosters love, passion, induces visions. Brings loyalty, faithfulness, spontaneity. Amplifies traits. Emotional stability. Fire Opal is a symbol of hope and is excellent for business. Opal gemstone improves memory, brings stability in a relationship. It is believed that if the stone looses its brilliance you have an unfaithful lover. It also means great possessions when seen in your dream.