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Holistic Usage Historical:
During the middle ages, malachite gemstone was used as a cure for vomiting. Worn by children, malachite was thought to protect them and to keep evil spirits at bay. The ancient Egyptians used malachite to ward off evil.

Common Gem Remedies:
Asthma, arthritis, fractures swollen joints, growths, tumors. Aligns DNA and cellular structure, enhances immune system. ( use polished malachite for elixir).

can help you heal from emotional past hurts by breaking unwanted ties and outworn patterns. It will also strengthen your immune system. It is worn to detect impending danger, and is assumed to break into pieces when danger is near. It is the guardian stone of travelers providing them protection and security. malachite is used in the treatment of many conditions: rheumatism, pain relief, itching emphysemia, diarrhea, chickenpox, backache, asthma, arthritis. It is to known to strengthen the immune system, to improve fertility and eyesight.