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Product Descriptions

Sterling Silver Vintage Silhouette Style Broach. Handcrafted with swiss cut Marcasite. This post WWI Silhouette style brooch is large enough to attract the eye. Very beautifully finished broach depicting a woman walking a dog. The pin with a lock that is long enough to go on thick outerwear fabric.

Marcasite Information: The ancient Greeks and early Inca tribal civilizations were the ones to first wear marcasite. The name "Marcasite" is given to the finely cut consumable product. Otherwise, it is called Pyrite. Even when it is mined, it has a superb luster that often misleads people confuse it for Gold. That is why it was called "Fool's Gold" during the gold rush ear.

Note: The magnified view of this product is the approximate actual size.

Dim( L x W x H in mm ): 83.00 x 40.00 x 10.00

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