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Product Descriptions

Sterling Silver Baltic Amber Handcuff Bracelet. Superbly handcrafted reminiscent European influences, this bracelet with a heavy Amber stone. Weighing Over 45 grams, this bracelet will beautify your wrists! The photo shows great detail of the especially beautiful amber stone with inclusions predating the Jurassic age and the workmanship. High polished silver crafted by hand shows the finesse and artistry of the artisan that created it. The fine quality Amber shows the water droplet inclusions from 60 millions ago as it was created by nature's forces at the bottom of the Baltic sea where it remained for millions of years. This is the only 1 bracelet available on the market and there will never be a duplicate or a repeat!  So, if you like this bracelet,  grab it fast to own it for yourself.  Read More about "The Story of Amber" and see how amber was formed.  Amber and diamond are the only two gems made from organic, living materials.  

Dim( L x W x H in mm ): 52.00 x 53.00 x 57.00

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