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Product Descriptions

Sterling Silver "Finger Wrap" Amethyst Cocktail Ring. 18 Gorgeous Amethyst stones set on a finger wrapping cushion boasting a superlative shine that will make a statement!  Checkout the Amethyst stones in a perfect line despite being handmade. Eighteen (18) round cut stones of 0.25 carat weight, averaging 4.00 millimeter Bringing the approximate total carat weight of the stones to a massive 4.50 carats.  You can see the fine setting of the prongs clearly in the photographs.  A finely detailed craftsmanship without compromising the handmade allure.  This is one of our unique products, with no seconds or duplicates, and only one is available.  So, if it is of interest to you, don't expect to see a second one if it get sold.  Gemguru jewelry truly unique unlike other sites that claim to sell unique jewelry.

Note this ring can be sized up or down depending upon your requirement

Dim( L x W x H in mm ): 30.00 x 22.00 x 24.00

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