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Product Descriptions

Sterling Silver Snake Marcasite Ring. For those of you who like the exotic jewelry art.  Handmade in Sterling Silver. Looks like three snakes are twirling around your finger.  The marcasite, a semi precious stone,  is detailed and covered with graduated stones,  giving it a superb look of medieval art. Notice the detail of marcasite on the sides of this ring. The original design was first made in Gold and diamonds. We have now created this one in Sterling silver for affordability. There is no seconds of this one-of-a-kind vintage Sterling Silver "piece de resistance".  If you've fallen in love with this ring , then please don't wait for someone else to grab it.

More about Marcasite: The ancient Greeks and early Inca tribal civilizations were the ones to first wear marcasite.  The name "Marcasite" is given to the finely cut consumable product.  Otherwise, it is called Pyrite. Even when it is mined, it has a superb luster that often misleads people confuse it for Gold.  That is why it was called "Fool's Gold" during the gold rush era.

Note: The unmagnified view that you see is the actual size of this product.

Dim( L x W x H in mm ): 23.00 x 22.00 x 26.00

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