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Product Descriptions

Sterling Silver Green Baltic Amber Bracelet Superb crafted by Bali artists, this dainty bracelet will beautify your wrists! The photo shows the amazing detail of the bezel setting that encapsulates neatly those green amber square cabochon stones. The skill of the artist who created it. The fine quality three colors of Amber is having inclusions from millions years ago when it was formed at the depths of the Baltic sea where it remained for more than 50 million years. Just one bracelet can be found here and we won't be making any repeats, ever! So, if you have found yourself falling head over heels in love with this bracelet, you know to do to get it. Read More about "The Story of Amber" and how Amber is the Jurassic Gem from from tree sap and hardened in the bottom of the Baltic sea for 50-60 million years.

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